Pick-up Point & Time


- 09.00AM
- 10.00AM
- 11.15AM
- 12.30PM
- 01.45PM
- 03.15PM
- 04.30PM
- 05.45PM
- 07.00PM

- 09.00AM
- 10.00AM
- 11.15AM
- 12.30AM
- 01.45PM
- 03.00PM
- 04.15PM
- 05.30PM

Avoid Any Inconvenience.

Please refer to our bus schedule.

This ticket, sold on behalf of Elang Wah Sdn Bhd, for the usage of Penang Hop-On ~ Hop-Off City Tour. Purchasing this ticket, acts as an evident of acceptance for the following terms and conditions:
  1. This ticket is valid for Penang Hop On ~ Hop Off tour bus rides ONLY. Tickets validity may vary as follows:

    • a) Single Trip Hop-On ~ Hop-Off ride,
      b) 3 Days Pass (from the time and date stated on the ticket).

  2. The Company reserves the right to inspect the validity of this ticket during or upon the Penang Hop On ~ Hop Off tour bus rides. The driver or any other employees of the Company on demand may perform ticket inspections.

  3. This ticket is NOT transferable.

  4. Neither the Company NOR the authorized agents NOR their employees, are liable in any way responsible for any deaths, accidents, personal injuries, losses or damages, which are NOT due to the gross negligence by the mentioned parties. Moreover, they are NOT liable for any complaints, claims, refunds, or exchanges for any reasons whatsoever concerning any valid cancellations or postponements of the tour.

  5. The Company and/or its authorized agents reserve all the rights tochangeany of the tours;pertaining to the details of the tours, route of the tours, the seating capacity on the bus or any other matters without prior notice.

  6. The Company and/or its authorized agents reserve all the rights to postpone, cancel, delay, or stop the tour due to any adverse weather, non-conducive conditions, any natural disasters, or any other causes beyond their control.

  7. The Company and/or its authorized agents reserve all the rights to refuse admission of any ticket holders, whose conduct is inappropriate without refunding and/or compensating.

  8. Tour tickets purchased from any other than the Company or its authorized agents are INVALID, hence admission to the tour buses shall be denied.

  9. Any complaints regarding the tour, including but not limited to cancellations, refunds or any postponements, must be directed to the respective parties (the Company or authorized agents), where tickets were purchased, unless specified differently by the Company.

  10. The Company will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings during the tour.

  11. Smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited on the bus.

  12. Any harmful/dangerous items such as, personal weapons or sharp objects, which may cause harm to other passengers, are strictly prohibited on the tour bus. In addition, the Company reserves the right to confiscate and/or demand of the item disposal and/or expel and/or deny admission of the wrongdoer from the tour bus.

  13. The Company or its employees reserve the rights to charge/impeach and/or call in the authority in the case of any violation of Malaysia’s laws.

  14. Children below the age of 5 may travel for free. Only one child, per adult may enjoy this privilege. In the case of limited number of seats, priority will be given to the fare-paying passenger.

  15. Without any immediate objections upon receiving and verifying this ticket, shall be deemed as acceptance of, and agreement of all of the Terms and Conditions, and the Company’s full Condition of Carriage.

  16. This ticket holder must understand and accept all the risks and dangers incidental to the tours, whether it might occur prior to, during or subsequent to the event, including but not limited to any deaths, personal injuries, losses, damages or liabilities.

  17. Last update :
    Feb 2018